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Eliminate Cheat Meals and Try Open Food Days Instead

I started this concept a few years back when I was really struggling with food cravings and hunger and the biggest culperate of those struggles was my Cheat Meal.  A Cheat Meal never really served me well. My physique never looked better after on. I felt like crap every time I ate one. Honestly, I couldn't understand what everybody was bragging about. So, I had just finished reading the book "The End of Overeating" by Kessler and realized that my Cheat Meals were the cause of most of my hunger and food cravings.

The very next Sunday I started something I call "Open Food Day"......
On Sundays I can eat ANYTHING that is healthy in any quantity with no food timing. As long as it is Real Food I can have it. So, if I want a yam with every meal, no problem. If I want to drizzle coconut oil on every meal no problem. If I want to eat a T Bone steak at every meal no problem. As long as it is Real Food it is A OK!!!

Well guess what after about 2 weeks any type of glutinous behavior ended. I ate everything in moderation and I never experienced food cravings or hunger again.... unless of course it was real hunger from not consuming enough calories...

So this is my challenge to you... get rid of your "Cheat Meals" and implement the Open Sunday philosophy. I promise you it will change your life for the better :)


Why Open Sundays, How Brain Chemistry Effects You

Since my diagnosis with Addison's Disease in 2009 I wanted to get a better understanding of food and food cravings. At that time in my life I was discovering that there were many foods that I could never eat again and maintain the body I've always wanted, but of course like everybody else I still craved these foods. These foods were as simple as mango, brown rice, pasta and bread... we aren't even talking about anything extreme like McDonalds French Fries and Ben & Jessie's Ice Cream.  As I removed those foods from my diet I was hungry all the time, bitchy, short tempered and even experienced headaches and cold sweats. Fast forward 5 year and since elliminating those foods and not experiencing any of the symptoms above I have a MUCH better understanding of how the foods we eat effect our brain chemistry.

Sugar, Fat and Salt are highly addictive especially when combined. Even something as simple as nuts and nut butters, eventhough believed by many to be healthy fats, are highly addictive and effect brain chemistry. So, now look at that Cheat Meal that you eat every week. First off you think about that cheat meal all week and by doing so you give it an unbelievable amount of power over you....then when you finally sit down to eat it you eat way more then you probably should have. Next, you eat that Cheat Meal on a Friday night, then all your friends go out on Saturday so you have just a little cheat on Saturday, then you basically blew your diet Friday and Saturday so you might as well cheat again on Sunday. Sound familiar??? Lastly and most importantly lets say you picked Pizza as your cheat meal... Pizza is THE MOST highly addictive combination of food that effects your brain chemistry. It is the perfect combination of Sugar = starch of the crust and the added sugar to the pizza sauce, Fat = cheese and often times they add butter to the baking process and Salt. The next 5 days after you experience your "Delicious" pizza you are hungry eventhough you are eating plenty of calories.... Well that is not hunger that is withdrawal from coming off of this highly addictive drug, food combination.

After coming to terms with the above scenario about 3 years ago, I wanted to figure out an alternative for my clients.... This is not to say I don't believe in eating pizza or enjoying Special Occassion meals because I whole heartedly do, but if you are going to eat pizza on occassion I want you to be fully aware of the aftermath you are going to experience and make an educated decision. This is when I put the cheat meals aside for myself and my clients and developed this concept of "Open Sundays". This started as an experiment but after just 4 weeks the results were incredible. My clients LOVED open sundays and are now more successful with their nutrition programs then they EVER were when including cheat days.

Below you will find an explanation of "Open Sundays" and a corresponding grocery list. In addition I suggest that you read The End of Overeating by Kessler. This will help you understand how the foods you eat, especially packaged, manufactured and restaurant foods are effecting your brain chemistry and ultimately taking you away from your goals of health and wellness.

Open Sundays are simple...
Sundays are an “Open Food” Day. You will eat only healthy options from grocery list below but quantities and timing of meals do not matter. This is a great day to eat out at restaurants, but this is not a cheat meal. It is still something healthy selected from the list of foods below. It is VERY important that you only do this on Sundays. If you do it on a Friday or a Saturday you are likely to extend the "Open" eating into Saturday and Sunday and will consume far too many calories. Monday you will then merely follow your original healthy/organized eating plan.

Open Sundays are a great day to make recipes and combine foods thast you wouldn't normally otherwise combine. The members only section has a GREAT recipe section rich with recipes perfect for sundays and I am adding recipes weekly. Remember to join for only $9.95 per month to get access to these recipes.


The goal of this Grocery List is to provide you with enough variety while not overwhelming you with too much choice. I am not saying you have to eat all of these foods. If there is a food you do not like do not eat it because there are plenty of other options of healthy REAL food that you can eat. In addition if there are REAL food missing from this list that you dearly love they may be able to be integrated you just have to understand the food exchange for that particular food.



Carton Egg Whites are great for those people who hate Eggs they taste like nothing. You can get them in the store or online.

Chicken Breast

Ground Turkey

Canned Tuna in Water

Lean Ground Beef



Flank Steak



(no processed meats like cold cuts, deli cuts, breakfast sausages, etc.)


Any protein that is a REAL food is approved... NOTHING processed or manufactured.

There is no protein powder in this plan. Please eliminate for the first 6 weeks. It will be added back later as needed.


Vegetables and Fruits

Butternut Squash (frozen or fresh) - only use when the meal plan calls for it.

Berries (frozen or fresh no sugar)

Grapefruit (ruby red)


Broccoli (frozen or fresh)

Green Beans (canned low sodium or fresh)





Mushrooms, Bell Peppers and Onions are free foods you can eat as much as you want

Brown Rice - Only use when plan calls for it

Quinoa - Only use when plan calls for it

Yams/Sweet Potatoes - Only use when plan calls for it

Spaghetti Squash- Only use when plan calls for it




Canned Pumpkin (no sugar)


Oatmeal has been eliminated from this plan for a reason....although it is popular amongst many trainers and nutritionists, it is one of the poorest digested forms of starch. By replacing it with better quality starches like quinoa and yam we have seen a significant change in body composition.

Good Fats

Coconut Oil

Udo’s Oil

Flax Oil


Olive Oil, Nuts and Nut Butters have been eliminated from this plan for a reason....By replacing it with better quality fats from oils like coconut oil and udo's oil we have seen a significant change in body composition. There is a great book called The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife.

Additional Fats - sundays only

No Salt Dry Roasted Almonds and/or Cashews




I can't believe its not butter spray

Balsamic Vinegar

tons of spices without sodium
Hot Sauce (no sugar)
Monk Fruit zero calorie sweetener or stevia




Crystal Light (diluted 2:1)

Stur - Water Enhancer

Almond Milk (unsweetened to drop into coffee)


Alex Navaro's "Ultra Low Carb" Book is a must by


Food of the Month - Ostrich

 As many of you know I am allergic to chicken and have been struggling to digest lean ground beef. I honestly believe my bodies rejection of lean ground beef is due to our compromised food sources here in the U.S. I believe this because I have no issues with steak of any kind. I also have no issues with Bison. So, I have decided to try Ostrich. The only issue is that ostrich is quite expensive. close to $20 a pound in local stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts.

Benefits of Ostrich:
  • All Natural
  • No Drugs
  • No Hormones
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • USDA Inspected
  • Free Range
  • High in Iron
  • High Protein
  • No Shrinkage
  • Heart Healthy
I have been looking for sources online and I wanted to give you all those sources. If you find any additional sources please email me at so I can add them to this list.

Blue Heaven - about $11.75 per pound.

iGourmet - about $17 per pound.

Fossil Farms - about $14.99 per pound.

Blackwig - about $13.50 per pound.

Enjoy some new meats and see how your body responds.


Just in Time for Summer, well I guess its Spring

I know this sounds very early but considering it is 80 degrees here in Southern California I wanted to start posting some Summer, or in some cases Spring, workouts. Sign in as a member and then click on Fitness Specifics for these extra bonus workouts. Enjoy!!!


March Workouts are Locked and Loaded

Your march workouts are ready for yout to hit the ground running.

Don't forget there are bonus workouts in fitness specifics.

The time for success is NOW!!!!


After you've lost weight - how do you maintain

Since this is a healthy eating program and not a diet (although its effective at losing weight) you can use it for maintenance purposes after you lose weight.

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Maintenance Guidelines - Just added.


It's February of 2014.. So Now What!!!

To ALL of my clients.... Please Read...Important food for thought!!!!
You started your plan with me exactly 1 month ago...and now you already talking about quitting... REALLY????
Ask yourself these simple questions.
1. Did you in fact start the plan I gave you 1 month ago or have you been self modifying it.
2. It took you months if not years to gain the weight so why should you expect lose it all in a month.
3. Are you putting in maximum effort into your workouts when you see me or do you always have excuses why you have to take breaks or can't do an exercise. I will never give you something that you can't do and you only get out of your workouts what you put into them.
4. Are you working out as many days a week as you can or are you only coming in a couple of days a week and wonder why your progress is slow.
5. Are you sending in your NIGHTLY nutrition checkins like you are supposed to so you can be educated on WHY it is important to do something and therefor you learn in order to be successful in the future.
SO... this is what I say to you. You have been doing it your way and it CLEARLY isn't working since you are already talking about quitting, so how about you try it my way. You never know it might just work.


The Cybex ARC Trainer and Why I Love It!!!!

Many of you have been asking me for weeks why I am all about the ARC trainer lately. As most of you know I HATE cardio. So what I found with the ARC is that it was so easy to use I didn't hate it.... Although that is a step in the right direction its not enough to make me use it to prep for The Montreal Pro Canadian Championships..... but these reasons are:

1. Burn 16% More Calories
2. Less Knee Stress (because of the motion of the ARC)
3. Less Back Strain (because of the same forward technology)
4. Adaptive Power - My Cardio Babysitter

I will soon be posting an ARC Video, but in the meantime jump on one at a gym near you and get in a quick 25 minute workout. You won't be dissapointed....

1. Burn 16% more calories
If you are used to using an elliptical then it is time you tried something new. The ARC Trainer is totally different and honestly bettedr. Research shows that the ARC burns 16% more calories than an elliptical when working at the same intensity. What is even better is that you are burning more calories at a lower perceived rate of exertion and with less joint and back pain. This means that it feels easier and your are burning more.

2. Less Knee Strain
The Patelofemoral joint (PFJF) stress of most training programs is very high. That is why we often find that are knee joints are very sore after our most intense workouts. What is great about the ARC is that PFJF stress is less then walking, but of course you will be burning more calories on the ARC then walking so this is a WIN WIN!!!

3. Less Back Strain
The ARC uses same side forward technology. This might feel ver weird when you first get on it but there is a huge benefit to your arm moving forward at the same side as that same side leg moves forward.... I have tremendous back pain and by the end of a long week of my very physical job working with clients I have a lot of back fatigue even when I don't have pain. I need something that protects my back and does not compromise it. All forms of cardio, even running outside, compromise your back because of the opposite arm with opposite leg motion that you use. The same side movement minimizes rotation at the spine, by keeping it as neutral as possible. Also, the input arms of the ARC are very long. This length allows you to create more power from your arms without using your back....5

4. Adaptive Power
I really love interval training and it is something I give to most of my clients. I find doing interval training on most cardio equipment difficult because I have to push too many buttons. Adaptive Power eliminates this problem for you. The ARC gives you interval training on the fly. With Adaptive Power as you speed up the resistance increases and when you slow down it backs off. This is great for interval training workouts.

So, it is time to go find an ARC near you, try this out and see what I am raving about. I will only be using the Cybex ARC trainer for all of my cardio needs to get me ready for the WBFF Montreal Canadian Pro Championships thanks to The Dumbell Man my sponsor.


"UNLEASH" the Beast!!! $125 monthly challenge

"Unleash" the Beast
$125 challenge Starts on the 15th of every month
Rules to Participate:
Must be a current Unleashed in 6 weeks,, Unleashed Unlimited, or Pole Position Fitness Client.
Must email between the 10th and the 15th of the month to enter the contest.
Include: Front, Side and Back photo holding a current newspaper
(no through mirror pictures, I encourage you to download a photo timer app)
Include a one line description of your goal
Must checkin nutritionally each night (no back catchup check ins)
Must photo checkin weekly.
(no through mirror pictures, I encourage you to download a photo timer app)
Must post on Facebook a motivational/encouraging statement each week and tag me in it.
Each months winner will receive $125 cash.
The winner is determined as being the person that got closest to their personal goal for the month. This will encourage you to make realistic/obtainable goals.


This is a MUST HAVE BOOK!!! On Sale Now.

The Foods You Love... Transformed

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These 116 ultra-low carb recipes are guaranteed to give you the lean, tight body you’ve always wanted!


Gym Closed for Xmas...Here is your at home workout...

Holding Ball Squats - 1 minute
Plank - 1 minute
Plie Squats - 25 Reps
Pushups - 25 Reps
Crunches - 25 Reps
Obliques - 25 Right and 25 Left
Repeat 3 more times....


A Successful "Off Season" Super Camp

I am so proud that I had the amazing opportunity to share this last weekend with 2 of my colleagues in the fitness industry that I have grown to respect and love over the last few years, Nathan Harewood and Lindsey Messina; as well as 20 fitness enthusiasts, instructors, competitors and models....

This event was one of the most successful events I have ever been a part of.

Here are my Top 10 highlights of this weekend for me were.....
1. Day 1 - Lindsey's Talk about the REAL modeling industry and what it entails.
2. Day 1 - Lisa Kammel from Exectuive Day Spa's skincare lecture.
3. Day 1 - Our round tabel discussion on the REAL fitness industry.
4. Day 2 - Nathans lecture on REAL nutrition no gimmicks or bullshit
5. Day 2 - Dispelling Myths with Nathan Harewood
6. Day 2 - Nathan's coveted Adrenal Health lecture and why fat burners are SOOOO damaging to your health.
7. Our amazing workouts with Nathan, Michelle, and Chelsea
8. Foam Rollering with Nathan Harewood
9. DJ AMARA and our final parking lot bootcamp
10. AND!!!! last but not least our amazing campers. 20 women came from all over the U.S. to spend the weekend with us. Without these ladies camps like this would not be possible. Inlcuding Little Jessie!


Why is the first program identified as November/December

Because Sharon Unleashed was launched the last weekend of November, which is Thanksgiving week, many people were unable to take advantage of the new programs. Therefor the initial program will be identified as November/December... Starting in January each program will loaded on the first of the month and will be for 1 month only, not joint or consecutive months. If you have any questions regarding this please email me at